Trumpet Resources

While I often hand out copies of practice material, it is often best to print or own copies of the exercise and etude books.  Below is a list of books I most often have students use and links to books in the public domain where available.

Most Common Books:

Max Schlossberg Daily Drills and Technical Studies:

H.L. Clarke Technical Studies for the Cornet: (Free PDF Available)

J.B. Arban’s Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet: (Free PDF Available)

Robert W. Getchell/Hovey: Practical Studies for Cornet and Trumpet: (Book 1 and 2)

Additional Titles:

Etude Books I Use Regularly:

Oskar Boehme, 24 Melodic Exercises in All Major and Minor Keys

N. Bousquet, 36 Celebrated Studies for Cornet

Mel Broiles, Baroque Trumpet Vol. 1

Theo Charlier, 36 Études Transcendantes

Vincent Cichowicz, Flow Studies Volume 1 and 2

E.F. Goldman, Practical Studies for Trumpet

Sigmund Hering, 32 Etudes for Trumpet or Cornet

Kopprasch (Arr. Voisin), 60 Studies for Trumpet (Books 1 and 2)

Paudert, 24 Studies for Trumpet

Ernst Sachse, 100 Studies

R. Shuebruk, The Complete Shuebruk Tongue Trainers for Trumpet

Voisin, 11 Studies for Trumpet

Wurm, 40 Studies for Trumpet

Exercise Books I Use Regularly:

Bai Lin, Lip Flexibilities

Robert Nagel, Speed Studies for Trumpet

James Stamp, Warm-Ups

Allen Vizzutti, Trumpet Method Books 1-3

Ernest Williams, The Secret of Technique Preservation

Links to PDFs:

H.L. Clarke:

Click to access IMSLP340778-SIBLEY1802.28663.653c-MT445.C598_T25_1912.pdf

Arban’s Complete Conservatory Method:

Part 1: Introduction, Articulation, and Slur Studies

Click to access IMSLP180028-SIBLEY1802.7272.57c3-39087017795040pp1-56.pdf

Part 2: Scale Studies

Click to access IMSLP180029-SIBLEY1802.7272.f7ba-39087017795040pp57-122.pdf

Part 3: Interval, Chord, and Multi-Articulation Studies

Click to access IMSLP180030-SIBLEY1802.7272.6b1d-39087017795040pp123-190.pdf

Part 4: Etudes and Duets

Click to access IMSLP180031-SIBLEY1802.7272.e604-39087017795040pp191-282.pdf

Part 5: Characteristic Studies and Cornet Solos

Click to access IMSLP180032-SIBLEY1802.7272.c9b6-39087017795040pp283-347.pdf

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