Solfege Lessons

An example of putting solfege to use: Arban Etude no. 12 on trumpet and solfege!

One of the most important tools a musician has for learning and understanding music, aside from regular practice, is ear training and solfege.  It is a vital part of gaining musical literacy and when taught in a way that allows the student to progress at their correct pace, it can be an enjoyable endeavor.  While an undergraduate student at University of Massachusetts Amherst, I had the unique opportunity of taking private solfege and ear training lessons from renowned solfege teacher Larry Scripp.  With his individual attention in those sessions, I was able to make strides in my musical ability and understanding to such a degree that I subsequently gained admission to the New England Conservatory, where Professor Scripp was a solfege teacher.   I then went on to become his teaching assistant and eventually became a solfege teacher for the New England Conservatory School of Continuing Education.  While there were many factors that contributed to my successes, I believe it was the one-on-one lessons in solfege that drove my musical understanding to new levels and helped me to have a career in music.  That is why I am passionate about offering a similar experience to music students and offer individual solfege lessons.  I style my lessons in a fashion inspired by my lessons with Professor Scripp and use the same teaching principles to help students learn to read music with clarity, confidence, and most importantly, no guessing!  

While I am sure most everyone is tired of Zoom calls and online communication, chances are good that you do not live near me and lessons in person will not be feasible.  That is why I strongly encourage online lessons that are offered at a reduced  rate!  The content will be the same and over the pandemic, my current students and I have found that the online platform is a satisfactory way to learn solfege.  

Solfege lessons are very similar to regular studio lessons.  We will meet usually once per week and you will have weekly assignments.  In addition to weekly lessons, I create individual lesson plans and progressions for you ensuring that you will be learning the right content at the right pace.  

Not sure if this solfege is for you?  Feel free to reach out and I would be happy to talk with you about where you are in your development, your goals and how I might be able to help you.  Please stay tuned for more example videos of solfege in action as well as some instructional videos!   

Lesson Rates


Half Hour Lesson: $30

One Hour Lesson: $50

One and a Half Hour Lesson: $70


Half Hour Lesson: $25

One Hour Lesson: $40

One and a Half Hour Lesson: $60

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